Monday, 11 August 2008

Good day on PKR but got robbed.

Being running well again on PKR and today managed 3 x top 4 finishes for a net of $420.

But every silver lining has a cloud and in the $2k gtd short handed tournie managed to get my short stack to 3 handed and scraped my way up to just about equal chips with the other 2 players. Then this happens.

SB vs BB

SB raises, I call in BB with 78

Flop a beautiful 7 8 8

He bets, I call

Turn 10

He bets, I raise, he calls

River 10

He bets which he has done with A on double paired board a few times, so i push all in and he calls with K 10

runner runner 1.68% bad beat.


Bankroll Management Update

End of week 2.

Ok haven't managed to play too much this week cos of work, again, but here's an update. Betfair was going well and had roll up to $180, but went on a bad run and ended up marginally up on week, so switched to Mansion and rolled that up to $140. No play Grandslam.


$2.82 up to $140


$3.99 up to $135


$2 up to $25

Onwards and upwards!!!

Monday, 4 August 2008

3rd win in 4 days

Now officially on a roll. Just took down the $25 Omaha MTT on PKR. :-)

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Wins are just like Buses!!!!

Went to Newcastle to play in the Poker Player Magazine Player Champs with the promise of a GUKPT seat as added value. Whilst I was happy with the way I played, I wasn't impressed with the structure which was hyper aggresive meaning I became a victim of it in 20th place of 100. To show you how aggresive the structure was they managed to get through a field of 100 players within 10 hours of play with a 5000 starting stack and 25 minute clock. Savage, and I will not be attending any of these events again.

However, on the bright side, I stayed behind to socialise with the guys from The Newcastle Poker Forum and they talked me into staying and playing the £10+£10+£10 game that was on that evening in the Grosvenor Newcastle. How glad I was that they did. I managed to reach the final, and eventhough I was short stacked, I had a good run of cards and managed to take it down for $800. Sweet.

Bankroll Management Update

End of week 1.

Ok haven't managed to play too much this week cos of work, but here's an update.


$2.82 up to $98


$3.99 up to $130


$2 up to $25

So far so good.

GiMac Wins the $2k gtd on PKR

Friday night managed to finish 1st in the $2k gtd beating 138 to win 1k. :-)