Sunday, 25 May 2008

I'm on my way to Manila!!!

It's 2.30am and I've just finished packing.

Going to drive to Blackpool to meet the guys from We have a taxi booked to go to Manchester airport. there we take Singapore Airlines for a 13 hour flight to Singapore, 3 hours in airport and then a 4.5hr flight to Manila.

Watch out Manila GiMac is coming!!!

p.s. If you want to follow my progress keep an eye on this blog or go to in the Live Update Section or

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


So many times I hear people moaning about fish that have outdrawn them. So next time you are tempted to have a moan about some fish that got lucky, read this.

A Little Ditty By GiMac

Don't complain about the fish,
We love em.
Without them where would we be?
Swimming alone all hungry in the big wide open sea?
No I love the fish,
Bad beats and all.
Cos if they didn't play,
There'd be no dead money,
Which would not be funny
So long live the fish I say!!!!

p.s. GiMac say "Only a fish calls a fish a fish"

GiMac Qualifies For APT $1m gtd in Manila

WoW!!!!!!! So as promised, Monday got a whole lot better. I was still not feeling well, but had the APT final qualifier to play on PKR. With 99 runners and only 3 packages up for grabs, I knew it would be a tall order, but you got to be in it to win it, right? Anyway 6 hours later we were on the 5th place bubble, and with 3 x $5000 packages and £4800 for 4th up for grabs, nobody wanted to go out. But I made a spurious, some would say downright bad call when the SB pushed into my BB where I held the monster hand of 4 4. Fortunately his A2 didn't improve and we were 4 handed. I suggested that with such a small amount between 4th and a package that we all put in $50 and then we could all go. Everyone agreed, but some jobsworth at PKR Support said "No final table deals allowed". Of course I end up going out in 4th after my AQ is busted by KQ, but I tell them that I'm going anyway and PKR see sense the next day and send me an e-mail confirming that they would pay the $200 and make 4th prize up to a full package. Good on them, although $200 ain't a bad price to pay for me to wear their clothing for a few days.

As far as the event itself is concerned it's 10,000 starting chips 1 hour clock with a guaranteed prize pool of $1m, so first prize should be in region of $280-300k. As I said before you got to be in it to win it, so here's hoping.

So watch out Manila in the Phillipines, GiMac is on his way. Come on!!!!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

PKR Bonus News!!!!

Before I tell you what happened on Monday, just a quick note to let you know that with my recent success on PKR I have managed to secure a super sign on bonus for anyone who signs up for PKR through the above banner!!!!

Now get ready for it but it's a 1st deposit match bonus of up to $2000!!!

Now I aint telling you this but, if you deposit and then immediately withdraw the funds, the bonus might just remain in place, well my reload bonus did this month, lol.

Anyway I hope someone can use the extra cash. Good luck all. GiMac.

A weekend of hell ends well.

Well Saturday rolled up to Grosvenor, Newcastle for the final regional leg of the APAT Northern Region league. Joint top I needed to finish ahead of my good friend Morlspin. With only 10 runners it was going to be tough and unfortunately I grind out with no hands lasting 7 levels before going out in 8th. Oh well never mind. Well done Morlspin on a good fight and great win.

Next I move across the road to Aspers, where i manaage to alternate into the £50 freezeout. I get sat on nice table and settle in to get some chips. Early on I get 2 limpers into my SB I push all in with 82, knowing they will pass, which they do and I show the bluff. These are the two guys I want to set up and now I just need a hand. The very next round, I get 3 limpers into my BB. I look down at JJ and raise it up. One of my targets on the button pushes all in. I know he isnt beating JJ, so I call. He has A6 and says "I thought you were making a move again", of course that's what he was supposed to think, lol. Unfortunately he hits an A on the turn and the lucky fish sends me to the rail. Oh well what can you do when you outplay someone and they get lucky? Whilst at Aspers I have Pollock and chips, it's normally nice but for some reason didnt quite taste right, more of that later.

Next I play the £30 freezeout. I get past the first break but after flopping a set and someone betting into me, a third player calls down on a gutshot and hits a straight on the river. Sick!

I move back across the road to the Grosvenor to pick up a cash game. There is a small £1/£2 game starting so i sit down with £50 and get involved in the SLOWEST and most boring cash game I have ever played. I grind out to £200 and get bad beat back down to £125, when my tiredness and boredom get the better of me and I donk of my cash.

So I head home to bed and the weekend gets worse. Less than an hour in bed and I'm on the toilet 4 times!!! The memory of Apsers fish comes back to me. It wasn't right after all. The next 10 hours are spent between bed and bathroom and I feel like crap.

At 6pm I venture downstairs, still feelin unwell, my laptop is flashing to remind me that I have qualified for a Satellite Final to the GUKPT Main Event in Newcastle. I feel horrible, I certainly don't feel like playing poker. I go for a wee drive to the shop for some supplies and a bit of fresh air. By the time I get back I feel a bit better, so decide to play it. JUST AS WELL!!!!

6 hours later I'm sitting there proud as punch, having won a $2750 package to the GUKPT Main Event in Newcastle. I drag my carcass back to bed.

Little did I know that Monday would get even better!!!!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Busy week at work

Been so busy with work haven't had time to update for a week, so here goes.

Didnt play much but summary of weeks results below:

29th April Tuesday €4k gtd on Virgin 5th for €260 ($415)

1st May
Wednesday away with work in Peterborough at the interestingly named Geothermal Drilling Show........not. Spent the evening watching Chelsea vs Liverpool in the Champions League. Chelsea won, but we were in the lap dancing bar by the end of extra time. Mind you didn't stay there long , as it was rank!!!

2nd May
Thursday €3k gtd on Virgin 8th for €136 ($215)
Thursday 3rd in AWOP League on Virgin for €40 ($60) and 18 points

To get a result in these two tournies was all the more impressive, considering I was watching Fiorentina vs Rangers in the semi-final of the Uefa Cup. The mighty Gers won on penalties, which was a bit nerve racking, but they make the final, which is in Manchester on 14th May.

Friday night off and early night as going to Edinburgh for APAT Scottish Open.

Report to follow........

Profit for week a paltry $220.