Monday, 13 July 2009

Live Poker Sunday

Went up to Newcastle to play in a Team Poker Event for The Radgies.

Another very well ran event by Circus Casino, Newcastle, well done guys!!!

Atmosphere was great as was the spirit in how the game was played. So congrats to all that played too.

As for myself had a great day, but unfortunately managed to get myself knocked out early on, no bad beats, just cr@p play by me.

But fate works in mysterious ways, ran over to Aspers for the $75 game and ended up chopping it 3 ways with Hammed and Lynn (Beaumont).

Returned to Circus for aftermath, and found out Stevie's Team had won the event with Imi finishing 2nd, well done guys!!!

Sat at cash table with $45, 1st hand pick up 10 10 and limp mid pos, drunk guy on button raises, drunk woman in BB calls, I push, BB calls with 89 and hits 2pr. She has about $500 in front of her and has obviously been hitting everything. I ask dealer what max sit down is he says no max, so I pull up $500. Russ "The Suit" sitting with about $30 leaves 2 hands later, cos he can see there is gonna be carnage. Needless to say 2 hours later most of both the drunks money is in front of me and I head over to the G where I take a tidy $200 profit from the cash table there too.

$1000+ profit on day and some great fun too, as we say in Scotland, ye canny beat it!!!! :-)