Thursday, 21 May 2009

GUKPT Newcastle

Well having decided to give the main event of this a miss, I decided to play the £200 NLH and the £250 PLO side events. Here's how it went.

As far as the Hold Em event went. I get sat immediately next to a local that I know really well. Unfortunately every time I put in a raise, he reraises me massive each time showing a better hand to me when i folded, AQ-QQ, KQ-AK, AK-AA, JJ-QQ just 4 examples, sigh. Then I turn 2 pair only to run into a flopped set by Paul Wilson. I manage to limp through a couple of more levels, but never really recover.

The 2nd bite of the cherry, the omaha, was last night. With 7k starting chips and 30 minute levels, it was clear chips would be required early on. Got sat on same table as Steve Jelinek, Andrew Feldman, Jeff Kimber, Paul Wilson and a couple of locals, including Dr Zaffa. Looks like an action table.

Anyway, good read me, not much action first 2 levels, lol, apart from a hand where on a KQ9 rainbow board Paul Wilson manages to get a fish to get all his chips in on the flop vs his TJA8 with the bare K9 2 pair. Unfortunately the fish turns K to hit his house and Paul hits the rail, but you could see everyone at the table making a mental note that this guy was the one who could double us all up. This was to turn out crucial in the hand which turned out to be my last. The table fish limps in, so I raise from cutoff with Ad9d22, fish is the only caller. Flop Q 8 2 rainbow, now I am not a great lover of bottom set in omaha, but I know this guy is raising preflop with any big pair after seeing a lot of his hands at showdown, so immediately discount trip Q's, and whilst he might have a set of 8's, I was convinced he had top 2pr Q 8 again. Seeing how he couldnt put them down on the flop against Paul earlier, I decide to take the pot on the turn if a non scary card comes. Turn is 4, that aint scaring me for sure. He bets again I push and he calls with, yep you guessed it Q 8 2pr, no redraws, only for the river to come a cruel 8.

Aaaagggghhhh, I hate hold em players when they play omaha, not. :-)

Interesting Cash Hand Live in Newcastle

Had interesting cash hand after the 1st event of the GUKPT in Newcastle on Monday. Here are the details.

Playing 1-1 NLH, one guy is acting a real asshole on the table and has made himself the table target, I honestly dont think this was a tactic I think he really was an asshole. Anyway I limp early with KJ, someone calls, asshole then raises on button to £5, SB calls, BB calls, I call and cutoff calls. Flop comes a very sweet J J J. check check check, cutoff bets £10, call call call, I call. Turn K, check check check, cutoff bets £20, asshole calls, fold fold, I call. I am trying to decide whether to value bet or shove the river, when the dealer turns the river card to show another K!!!! At the sight of this card the asshole shouts out, "Ha, ha, ha, I can't be beat.", which quickly makes my mind up that a shove was in order. I push all in, cutoff folds and asshole says "Well I cant be beat I call!!!". I keep my cards face down and say to him, "Which card would you like to see the one where you split the pot, or the one that beats you?". At this point his chin fell on the table and as the rest of the table burst into laughter, I honestly thought he was going to cry and, for a fraction of a second I nearly felt sorry for him, but as I raked in the pot this sentiment soon passed, lol.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I have found recently that a good way to move funds around, between poker sites is to use

Once you have deposited on moneybookers, it is free to deposit and withdraw to your moneybookers account from most poker sites, it is also much quicker than using debit or credit cards.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Bankroll Builder Experiment Update

Currently $50 now up to $493.73:

Buyins $2554.17
Total Profit $443.73
Games 758 (includes cash sessions)
ITM 259
ROI 17%

Got my roll up to $575 then went on a really sick bad run and dropped to nearly $400, but on way back up. I dont think moving to $10 level at $715 is the way to go, so adding an extra level into mine of $7 sit and goes at $715 and not moving to $10 til hit $1k (This might change but after a $175 swing at this level, which has fecked my ROI, I think it is prudent).